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Where it all started

My "Letter" (First version, 7/2017)

OK, let me start off by saying; what follows is the exact letter that I gave to my family to announce that I was leaving the church. This all occurred in 2017, with me handing out this letter somewhere around the end of July (pioneer day-ish time period). Since that time, I have gone back through and separated each of my main 5 points, and have built upon them with more information that I have found, come across, or been taught. So the other blog postings immediately following this were originally direct copies of what is found here, but have also been (and continue to be) updated periodically. I will go through and at the beginning of each of them, state when they were last updated. If anyone reading this would like to get in touch with me, I am happy to discuss nearly anything found within this blog. The fastest way to get in  touch with me is via Reddit- Or my email address-  Thank you!
Recent posts

Update from 2023

  So, it’s not that I forgot this blog was here, it’s that my world came crumbling down around me right after my "last post".  It looks like my last post here was in May 2018. It was just after that point when my wife decided that she could no longer be married to someone who “couldn’t take her thru the temple” or whatever that all is. So in June, we separated and started the paperwork. By September 2018, we were divorced. In what seemed to be my nightmare, I moved back in with my parents. This turned my work commute into about 45 minutes one way (if traffic was good), as well as limited me to seeing my kids only on the weekends that I didn’t work. That was the part that hurt the most. Not going to lie. There were times I wished I had never stuck my head down this rabbit hole. With at least 90% of the reason for that being that I missed my kids. Life fucking sucked. At about 6 months of being divorced, my ex-wife found herself a “good mormon boy” and was remarried. This

There are always answers

Always answers 5/17/18 So, in therapy yesterday I had a revelation of sorts. There are always answers. For what I do, what I see, and what I question in life, there are always answers. Now, this may not be the case in everything in life. There are many questions that people are asking for which there is no answer, at least as of yet. These topics are lately around black holes, and deep space topics, and they are not what I mean when I say, “There are always answers.” I am referring to those things we deal with on more of a daily basis. Life as we know it. There is always an answer. Sure, sometimes that answer might change as new learning comes out. At one point in history, the answer was that the sun revolved around the earth. But there was an answer. In my profession, in the medical field, there is always an answer. If you have an infection ‘Y’, we know that drug(s) ‘A-C’ will work, and depending on other possible factors, we have a few options to treat you. Sometimes,

Changes to the stories, Joseph's leg surgery in 1813

OK, in the church, we all grew up on this story of young Joseph Smith and his leg surgery. The narrative went that he needed leg surgery, but refused alcohol to help numb the pain the surgery would cause. Surgery at this time was VERY rudimentary, and killed people in its own right. Working as I do now, I wondered if alcohol was the only thing they had back then. 1800- Anesthetic properties of nitrous oxide first published 1804- Japanese doctor creates “Tsusen-san”, and oral concoction used to induce general anesthesia. The combination was an over-dosage of several alkaloids, including scopolamine, atropine, aconitine and angelicotoxin. When combined, these ingredients induce hypnosis, analgesia, muscle weakness and lack of recall. 1805- Morphine discovered and isolated from opium 1819- Squibb Pharmaceutical founded and produced ether, chloroform (first produced in 1829), and cocaine for use as anesthetics 1842- Surgery with ether for anesthesia (had been used on animal

23 Solid things found within the LDS church that pushed me to non-belief

Things about the LDS church that I can no longer believe. 1/23/18 So this list is not exclusive by any means. But here are 23 things that either happened within the church, were taught by the church, or found within the church that have solidified my mind that the LDS church is in no way the lords church on the earth. The list originally came from 40 Years a Mormon , from there I gave some more context and sources. That God would send an angel with a drawn sword to threaten a 37 yr old man (Joseph Smith) to threaten a 14 yr old girl (Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs) with his death if she didn't marry him, and promise heaven to her whole family if she did.  Zina later wrote, that within months of her marriage to Henry, “[Joseph] sent word to me by my brother, saying, ‘Tell Zina, I put it off and put it off till an angel with a drawn sword stood by me and told me if I did not establish that principle upon the earth I would lose my

My review of the essay, Translation of the Book of Mormon

12/21/2017 This time we will be looking at the church’s Essay, Book of Mormon Translation. Again, it will be my evaluation of it with special attention to the sources referenced. I will also admit that I will take the liberty to add quotes from previous church leaders as I feel it might be necessary to show the changing attitude of both the church, and God I guess, since the prophets do speak for him.             OK, the original essay (found  here on the churches website ) will be copied here for reference. I will leave it exactly as it stands (so there are a few links within it as well) literally copied and pasted from the website. My response and interjections will be inserted into the text, but will be distinguished by the color green. I will ensure to check each source for what it claims to add as support for their statement. In most cases, I will likely only paraphrase the scripture or other reference to save space, but will have it linked so that you can go and ensure t